About the Author

Jade Ambers, Author and Engineer

Jade Ambers, PhD, A wife, mother of 2, and grandmother of 6 with a background in Electrical Engineering. After earning my degree in engineering from Eastern Washington University, I entered the DoD to explore my passion for engineering and the greatest team on planet earth, the US Military.  In addition to my primary job functions, I was recognized for my leadership of the Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) for my commitment to the growth of women in the DoD.  

Through continuing my education in Leadership Studies in Organizational Leadership at Liberty University I obtained my doctorate degree. During my studies, I began researching gender inequality due to my own struggles working in male-dominated industries. I often tried to eradicate the femaleness of myself to try and fit into male society only to learn that God ‘set me apart’ and I supposed to be different and not fit in.

Jade is currently spending time creating templates to automate processes and make everyone’s job a little easier. My goals are to rise into leadership at my current organization and influence public policy to bring about a more gender equal world.

Jade spent 10 years as a cosmetologist, 3 years as a corrections officer, 3 years a meter reader, and worked multiple other positions working her way up to where she is today. My hope for women of today is that we become more mutually supportive and help each other rise.